Hosted Servers

Hosted Servers

Reliable, hassle-free and cost-effective cloud storage services

Entrusting your business to the cloud is a big step for many businesses to take; how can you ensure that your data is safe on a cloud-hosted server?

Space-saving and maintenance-free

For a business to house and maintain its own servers requires space, IT expertise and considerable risk. If your property suffers a burglary, power failure or disaster such as flooding or fire, can you adequately protect your server? If your equipment breaks down, how quickly can it be up and running again?

Hosted Servers take your data storage offsite and into UK-based, specially-equipped cloud service datacentres. Fast, reliable operation allows your business to run risk-free and for one monthly cost, and it can be used across any device; from mobile to tablet, laptop to PC, your Hosted Server creates a single data storage point for your whole organisation.

Great support from your local experts

Express IT’s expert team will support your Hosted Server cloud services, helping you to migrate, set up and manage your system. We’ll make sure you’re always running with the latest updates, tailored to your needs and any time you need our help, you can give us a call.

Ensure that your data is safe on a cloud-hosted server

Protect your business data for one low monthly cost.

Express IT delivers an online backup solution which ensures that your files, documents and data are stored securely for those times you can’t predict.

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Why move to the cloud with Express IT?

Our cloud IT services are resilient, designed for growing businesses and always supported by our local team.

By migrating to the cloud with Express IT, you’ll always have the latest technology at your fingertips and, as long as you have a wifi or even a 3G or 4G data connection, you’ll be able to get to the documents you need on PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Designed for growing businesses

A wide range of resilient, secure and reliable cloud products, designed for growing businesses.

Fantastic advice

Fantastic advice from our local experts, tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

Latest technology

The latest technology always at your fingertips, allowing for remote accessibility whenever and wherever you need it

Fully managed

Fully managed cloud migration to get you up and running quickly and efficiently

Flexible packages

Flexible and uncomplicated packages allow you to budget easily and grow with your busines

Express IT offers flexible and uncomplicated packages based simply on workstation numbers, so as your business grows, your services can grow with you. We’ll advise you on our versatile solutions, making sure that they meet your needs and fully support your flexible, remote workforce.

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