IT Professional Services

IT Professional Services

Professional IT advisory and planning services from Express IT

As your business grows, so your IT systems will need to change and adapt. You may need new services, new software or updated configurations, or even integration of a new team following a move. For small and medium-sized businesses, management of these important projects is essential.

Express IT undertakes advisory roles with clients, working on projects which require a specialist IT professional service to manage and facilitate the changes your business needs, including:

  • New hardware, including servers, and software
  • Advisory, planning and implementation of CRM and other services
  • Integration of systems pre- and post-merger
  • Cloud migration
  • Bespoke solutions and project management

Accessible and professional IT project management

Whether a one-off project, regular consultancy or implementation of systems, Express IT works with you to plan, design and implement systems that will transform your organisation.

Our experienced team partners with you to create a truly bespoke solution, delivering advice you can rely on.

Transform your organisation

Accessible and professional IT project management

Our experienced team partners with you to create a truly bespoke solution, delivering advice you can rely on.

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So why choose us?

We love IT! We’re proud of the exceptional personal service
we deliver to our clients, partnering with you to make your business our business.

We care about you.

We take the time to get to know you and your business.

We don't just wait for the phone to ring.

Your journey is our journey and we will be there to help you every step of the way.

We are a trusted team of experts.

All our team members are trusted, friendly and professional. Making sure your systems are in tip top condition is our number one priority.

Our systems are cutting edge.

We have invested in our systems so that no stone is left unturned.

Our managed services.

Our managed IT service is all-inclusive, why buy all the ingredients when you can just buy the cake?

Our employees are accredited.

Investing in our employee’s is vital to our success. We make sure that our tools are sharp and ready should you need them.

We won't just sell you something.

We make sure the hardware, software or product is rights for the job, not just to make a quick buck.

We regularly catch-up with you.

There’s nothing better than to feel loved. We take the time to catch up and make sure you are happy.

Services tailored just for you.

We’re an enthusiastic bunch! All our employees take personal ownership of your IT issues, ensuring they’re resolved to your satisfaction.